How can I redeem my ticket?

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How can I redeem my ticket?

Open the ticket link we sent you after your purchase. If you can't find it, open the event on Valicit and click on "My Tickets" and select your ticket. From that page you can request a new ticket link.

Once you've opened your ticket link, you can click on "Redeem All" to redeem all associated tickets. If you have bought multiple tickets, you can click on "Redeem" for each ticket individually. This is useful when some people aren't ready to enter yet, but some already are. If you have chosen to redeem tickets individually, this page will also show you which tickets you have redeemed already, and which ones can still be redeemed.

Don't print out your ticket QR code or redeem it ahead of time. QR-codes automatically refresh and expire after 30 seconds.

If you redeem you ticket a long time before you enter the event, we might ask you to re-verify your identity by entering a 6-digit code sent to your phone number.

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